Clients and Expertise


Our clients are mainly suppliers and users of financial services. This includes:

  • Banks;
  • Other financial institutions;
  • Commercial lenders;
  • Payment service providers;
  • Money services businesses;
  • Providers of services related to crypto-currencies; and
  • Individuals and commercial businesses that use financial services:
    • By operating bank accounts, investment accounts or accounts in electronic wallets;
    • By borrowing funds and using facilities available in credit markets;
    • By cashing, issuing or transmitting payment; or
    • By entering into contracts for derivatives to mitigate financial risks.


Our expertise provides a one stop solution for the unique legal and strategic needs of user and providers of financial services. We offer an added value to our clients in the following areas:

  • Banking law;
  • Payment law;
  • Financing and security law;
  • Contracts related to financial services;
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy law; and
  • Laws and other rules that provide a framework for the financial services sector:
    • Laws and other rules regarding bank, financial services cooperatives, other financial institutions, and providers of payment services;
    • Payment clearing house rules relative to various forms of payment;
    • Economic sanctions,
    • Laws in connection with the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing,
    • Laws pertaining to the protection of privacy, and
    • Laws relative to the protection of consumers of financial services.

Lemieux Business Law acts for its clients in connection with commercial transaction and projects, commercial disputes and litigation, and as well in matters of regulatory compliance.